How to Get Beach Waves for Your Hair This Summer

How to Get Beach Waves for Your Hair This Summer

The quintessential summer hairstyle is the effortless beach wave. Usually, this look is created with a little sand and salt water after spending the day at the beach. If you want to get this look without having to visit the beach, here are a few tips on how to create beach waves at home.

Flat Iron

howtogetbeachwavesforyourhairthissummerYour flat iron can work in many ways to get the loose beach waves you’re looking for. The first technique is twisting your flat iron down the shaft of your hair to create a curling effect. First, you’ll want to blow dry your hair straight, using a light-hold mousse. Make sure that it is dry, because using heating products on wet hair can cause damage. Next, clamp your flat iron to the top of your hair, and rotate it 180 degrees while you hold the ends of your hair away. Move the iron an inch down the shaft of your hair, then twist your flat iron 180 degrees the opposite way, and repeat. Do this until you get to the ends of your hair, then complete the rest of your locks. Put your iron on medium heat to avoid getting dents in your hair.

Another technique using a flat iron is the pin curl. You’ll want your hair to be dry for this technique as well. Take a 1 to 2 inch section of hair and wrap it around your index and middle finger until you’ve created a tight pin curl. Then release your two fingers while maintaining the shape of the pin curl with your other fingers. Next, place the pin curl into your flat iron and clamp down on it for 10 to 15 seconds. Finally, release the iron and let your curls fall. Repeat this until all your hair is in bouncy beach waves.

Curling Iron

If you prefer to use a curling iron over a flat iron, make sure the barrel is wide enough to make the curls loose. Once your hair is dry, section it off into three sections. This will make getting through all your hair easier. Take a one inch section of hair and wrap it around your curling iron. Hold it for 10 to 20 seconds, then release it and spray with hair spray. To make the curls last, roll the curl up to your scalp with your fingers and pin it to your head. Keep them pinned until they cool down. Repeat this until you finish curling your entire head of hair. If you want to loosen the curls more, tip your head over and run your fingers lightly through your locks.

Sleep in a Braid or a Bun

If you want to get this hair style without any heat, try sleeping in a braid. After you shower, towel dry your hair. Once it’s damp, separate your hair into two sections. Put each section into a classic braid and secure the ends with a hair elastic. Go to sleep with them in, and when you wake up release your hair from the braids. Tip your head over and shake out your curls. This technique will give you more subtle waves.

If you don’t want to put your hair in a braid, try sleeping in a bun. This technique also requires damp, towel dried hair. The amount of buns you need to make depends on the amount of hair you have and how tight you want the curls to be. If you have a lot of hair or you want tighter curls, section your hair into 3 or 4 sections and twist your hair up into buns. If you have less hair or want looser waves, one or 2 sections of hair for buns should be enough. This is an effortless technique that requires no heat or irons.

If you want more tips on creating the perfect summer hairstyle, or are interested in coming in and getting a new hairstyle, contact Richard Francis Salon. Our stylists are well versed in creating hairstyles that will have you feeling your best all summer.