Is Your Beauty Regime Harming Your Skin?

Chances are, after a while, your skincare and beauty routine become a habit of sorts. You use the same products on a daily basis, in the same order, at relatively the same time. Why change something that seems to be working just fine? Although your routine may seem to be working, there is a chance it could be wreaking havoc on your skin. If your routine contains any of the following steps, you may want to change it up a bit. Read more

How to Choose the Right Foundation

When it comes to foundation, it can be difficult to find that perfect color. Using a foundation that is too pale or too dark will not look right, and the purpose of foundation is that it blends into your skin to make your look flawless. Here are some tips that you can follow to try and find that perfect foundation for your skin. Read more

DIY Face Masks

Face masks leave the skin feeling rejuvenated and smooth. Read more

How to Get a Natural Makeup Look

When putting on make-up for the day, most people strive for a natural look that enhances their best features without looking too dramatic. Having a “caked-on” look isn’t appealing, so here are some tips on how to look all-natural. Read more

How to Prepare for Getting Waxed

Many women want silky smooth skin, but are cautious of the discomfort that waxing could bring. Waxing doesn’t have to be painful, however, because there are a few steps you can take to help alleviate the pain. If you’re thinking about waxing to remove unwanted hairs, then you should take the time to prepare your skin for getting waxed.  Read more

The Connection Between Face Shapes and Hairstyles

Believe it or not, there is a connection between face shapes and hairstyles. The shape of your face should be a determinant in what hairstyle you choose for the best results. The first thing you should do before even looking at which hairstyle you want is to determine your face shape.

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Does Makeup Cause Acne?

Many people believe that makeup can cause acne, but is this true? Does makeup really cause acne? This would seem to be true because makeup tends to block pores, and if your skin cannot breathe, there could be an increased chance of getting acne. However, not all makeup causes acne. Here are 6 tips that you should follow in order to decrease the amount of acne you get while wearing makeup.

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How to Get Beach Waves for Your Hair This Summer

The quintessential summer hairstyle is the effortless beach wave. Usually, this look is created with a little sand and salt water after spending the day at the beach. If you want to get this look without having to visit the beach, here are a few tips on how to create beach waves at home. Read more

How to Prevent Frizz

The summer is known for the hot weather, good drinks, and memorable vacations. But, unfortunately, it is also known for humidity, which causes the dreaded frizzy hair. If you are dealing with this nightmare, don’t fear, here are 8 awesome steps of how to avoid frizzy hair on humid days.

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Benefits of Coconut Oil for Skin and Hair

As the summer sets in, it is important to make sure your skin and hair have that healthy summer glow. Read more